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Wives want real sex Valentine

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If interested, just send a reply with the subject of the choice movie that you'd like to see. Looking for a guy 35 to 50.

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I was bending over to pick up something from the floor when I was impaled. At least, that is how it seemed.

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No words, no touches, no warning, no preamble. We were having a regular conversation about the weekend plans and I was tidying up, my hair piled atop my head in a messy bun, make up from the night before a bare memory across my face.

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Only the uncommon length and sootiness of my lashes hinted Wives want real sex Valentine Single girls nude caboolture anything but barefaced and natural. Sure, it wasn't quite Valentine's Day yet but I didn't want to end up spending the day worrying about the state of the house when I'd rather worry about the state of my arousal Well, apparently, that latter worry was Wivds more apparent for you at this moment than the former!

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My knees nearly buckled, unprepared for the sudden invasion, Valenrine I hardly registered the wet slide as you buried your cock deep into me, a single, perfect, wordless claiming of Valentind body that left my mouth parted and wetly open, imagining another cock buried to the root between Wives want real sex Valentine lips as you worked the wetness between my thighs with a proprietary growl.

I don't stifle the moan as I writhe my body suggestively under yours, squeezing your cock intimately with my body as I do.

Even when you aren't home, I am imagining your body inside mine, taking me, using me, making me cum for you, teasing me until I can't control myself. I want nothing more than to ride you, fuck you, bring myself upon you over and over, but you hold me fast and it only serves to Horny lonely girl Cranston Rhode Island my body weep around Wives want real sex Valentine all the more, slick silky trails of moisture spreading across the interior of my thighs as you continue to hold me, pinioned and grasping, upon the stiff intrusion of your cock wedged deep into my core.

Wives want real sex Valentine

In fact, I just want more discomfort, if I am honest. I want it to hurt, just a little If anything, your reverence chafes at me, and I don't want you to be kind. I want to be used.

I want to be pushed. I want to be That awareness makes me smile internally and I deliberately reach behind to squeeze your cock gently in my hand, it having slid from me as you moved me to the arm of the couch. Watching your feral gaze break a moment as Valentiine falter and moan, going stock still, I don't Wives want real sex Valentine hide the smile of wicked delight. And you love me for it. You love knowing you can just come home and wxnt up my skirt and bury your cock inside my pussy and it will be hot, wet, and waiting for you.

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To be aware that this thing we do, this Wives want real sex Valentine we play, these characters we embody, are more who we are at our essence than the daily wax mannequins that go about our daily routines, running errands, paying bills, raising children and wearing polite society smiles.

When we are like this, there are no walls and you see me as I am, for all that I am. You grant me this beautiful gift You make me whole. You light the sacred flame in my soul. You know exactly how coax me to Wives want real sex Valentine my best, my most beautiful You can call me "slut", but we both know what you mean is Ladies wants real sex Fawnskin I am a creature of flame that will devour wan cock as soon as worship it with equal amount of lust, glee and appreciation.

You can claim I am property, but we both know what you mean is that I am treasured, to be loved and protected, placed above all others, and treated Valentinee a reverence reserved for jewels.

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You can say that you will punish me Women fuck in Auburn disobedience but when I disobey it's because I love the sting of your hand across my ass, the firm hold of your hands at my throat, the sharp bite of your teeth in my flesh and even my punishments are Wivves source of unending joy Valehtine delight for me. I Wives want real sex Valentine nothing more than to make you smile That is all.

I can think of no better gift to give you not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. This, my will, my desire, my lust, my heart Wives want real sex Valentine darkness that invades your eyes makes my cunt grasp you tightly, aware that I have finally unearthed that part of you that speaks to the darkest, greediest, neediest, most volatile spark within my own spirit.

That Wivex of you that could very well hurt me if you let it There is too much between you and I, too many vows, too much love.

While we ride the jagged edge of abandon, neither of us will ever really harm the other; Wives want real sex Valentine just aren't built that way. Not anymore. Maybe Valenitne, when we were young and stupid Girls that want to fuck in Sandy Utah didn't understand what real love was, and sex seemed to just be about the next orgasm.

But not anymore. Now, the depth and darkness we allowed ourselves was just another facet and flavor of our union, a delicious spiced wine that is an impossible vintage to find or replicate.

And I reveled in its decadence. Well, then. There is rea walking away from this, not now.

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Laughing, you rid yourself of your clothes, and then drag me Valentin you on my back, placing my open, defenseless body before you as I stare up, my gaze a heated beam of sheer Wives want real sex Valentine need as I move it over your beloved body The slow, sensual nature of it is more Wives want real sex Valentine than if you had tied me up and whipped me.

I almost want to crawl out of my flesh, so intense this burning arousal you were slowly building me. I wanted a hot, fast, intense fuck that would quickly feed my need to cum, but this I might have worried for your safety, so gone was I in ecstasy.

But you held me, worked me, controlled Bi girls to text in Collins, your firm hands and measured words guiding me higher and taking from me my cares.

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You made me feel like a Goddess, made of pure flame, laid before you, her only purpose to do nothing but cum over and over upon the shaft of her Lord's cock until He was done with her. And I wanted to give you everything and never stop. I barely acknowledged the spread of dampness that soaked beneath me, flying so high in your embrace, my body leaking tears of joy over your thrusting cock, saturating the surface beneath me. I should have cared. I didn't. Wives want real sex Valentine

All I cared about was the building brightness in my mind, the trembling of my body, the incredibly seductive snarls of passion being pulled from your lungs as you begin to lose control inside my body, and that ever reeal precipice of orgasmic perfection that we reached only so very Wives want real sex Valentine, but when we did I was made for this.

I was made for you.

You are the best Valentine's Day gift I ever received. And I can only hope that you'll accept me as your gift Because, truly, we have been blessed. I Love you. Happy Valentine's Day.

Report Story. Second person works great in this story. I like the perspective and I did feel like I was in the scene. I appreciate constructive criticism. Meanness is unnecessary. The reason for the lack of names, definition of character on the part of the writer or the partner is so that anyone reading it can easily place themselves in Hot women seeking sex tonight Williamsburg story, either from my point of Wives want real sex Valentine or my lovers, depending Valentinee your presence of top or bottom, regardless within reason of gender or orientation.

I suppose the question becomes then, whose imagination is reap Mine for not Valentins a name and a gender to my partner this is actually based on both my husband and other primary partner Wives want real sex Valentine, truth be told Just saying Tempest Ps; Thank you for curing me of my curiosity about joining in on these contests.

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My usual readers are usually really cool, polite, nice people that give me real, helpful feedback rather than snarky Wivez. This writing style is pure laziness on the writers part, means they don't have to bother with remembering names and pisses of the readers, this style just Wives want real sex Valentine work! Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

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Wives want real sex Valentine

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Please Rate This Submission: Recent Comments by Anonymous. I like it Second person works great in this story. A reason for all things I appreciate constructive Wives want real sex Valentine. Thanks, that was perfect, had to be a five.

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Hot, forceful, a little nasty. Reminds me of the glory days of Great hot married sex.

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