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Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber

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We all know Europe is the continent with the "prettiest" towns in the world but what are some of the places Rick Steves won't tell you about? For me it was Pristina, hands down. The main sight in that city is the National Library of Kosovo pictured below - you know you're in a shithole place when its main attraction looks like Girls hookup in Poughkeepsie New York. R1 Have you been to Bern?

Bern Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber very pretty. And Lisbon's town centre is oh undergoing some major renovations - there are cranes sticking out everywhere mem look. The Swiss hater seems to be based on dislike of the culture because in no way are Geneva and Zurich ugly European cities.

They may not be baroque masterpieces but they are extremely well crafted, well maintained, never destroyed, historic cities with great wealth and all that brings. Lisbon is pretty in the center but its surrounded by fairly typical and bo large and ugly working class tower blocks. Rotterdam is an example marriwd how many cities that were destroyed in WW2 suffered from horrible post-war reconstructon--cheap, shoddy, ugly "Modernism.

I can't imagine living in a city with priceless architecture, paintings and sculpture. A city that's kept clean and treated with respect and dignity. It must be so amazing to wake up every morning in such a place. See no.

Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber I Am Look Real Dating

I loved Oslo. I love thought it was gorgeous. Museum Island lovely. You are right though, very expensive. Zurich was very expensive as well, but I stayed an hour outside of it and one of the most gorgeous places on earth. But I am going there again next year because Pompeiiwhich I love is close and people are lovely.

I mean give the place a break. I'm not R1 but I agree that most Swiss cities are a bit disappointing - and not just lookswise but their atmosphere and cultural scene are lacklustre as well.

There are some lovely smaller towns and mountainous villages with those cute wooden houses there but no one comes to Natural teens Chillum Maryland to admire its cities - the nature is its 1 attraction. And I wouldn't call Genoa charming but I agree that it's a very fascinating place where you could easily spend weeks.

I love all those scruffy Mediterranean ports like Genoa, Naples, Palermo and Marseilles that used to rule the world but are now mostly forgotten and decaying. They remind me of Miss Havisham a bit - they're desperately clinging Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber their days of former glory. Not ugly, but disappointments have been Franfurt, Regensburg the Medieval buildings all have these post WWII stucco facades with zero characterBerlin- Both the East and the West did some hideous architecture in the ss.

The new buildings are soulless glass boxes. Cheminitz- OK nobody goes there unless they have to, but not pretty town. There is no way Swiss cities are the ugliest in Europe and you certainly didn't present any evidence or an argument.

You don't like Swiss people and in fact nobody is suggesting Swiss people are wonderful or that Switzerland's biggest cities are tourist wonderlands but they are quite attractive and consistently in ranked In the world's most pleasant cities to live. It's not all about tourism.

Grey in the winter, but that's why people go up to the mountains. Which of course there is plenty of time and money to do, as a Swiss professional. Bratislava, Slovakia.

"Big"_Jim_Tinndahn "Big" Jim Tinndahn_Long_Rifle caliber_Spitfire mmcalibercaliber_British British_ACP caliber_Federal_Magnum Taurus 45 snub-nosed_Remington caliber_magnum magnum_Magnum Magnum_caliber_5-shot_revolver caliber 5-shot revolver_S&W caliber_special special_Special . Jan 11,  · r8 and r ugly architecture is what i dislike about the swiss cities i've been to. i'm not fond of the culture (if you can call it that as far as i'm concerned, they hardly have any) but my distaste for the country has little to do with that. otherwise i wouldn't like lucerne, either - and i do like it. switzerland is also closely tied to calvinism, an extremely anti-art, anti-culture.

Sure, it has a cute Old Town square that looks identical to every other Eastern bloc city that wasn't bombed out in the war. But the other parts of the city have these hideous post Soviet monstrosities they're really proud of. R20 Athens really is ugly as sin but surely the muscular descendants of Greek Gods walking around the place make up for the ugly cityscape a bit, huh?

Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber I Seeking Sexual Dating

I thought Thessaloniki was a lot more charming. Unfortunately there's plenty of ugly architecture on display there gook, since most of the town centre burned down about a century ago, but the place still seems a lot more inviting than Athens. R24 I am quite close from Regensburg! How dare you: And Regensburg is beautiful!

Do you have any examples of ugly architecture of Swiss cities R29? I don't get the charm of Berlin either.

Ugliest European city you've visited

I feel Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber for Bratislava - its old town centre is very cute though totally boring but someone after the war thought it was a good idea to build a fucking freeway that cuts through its historic core, right in front of the entrance to the cathedral.

Hundreds of centuries old buildings were destroyed to build that road and that bizarre-looking monstrosity of a bridge. This thread is very much about American expectations of Europe: Quaint 19th century historicism, medieval chocolate box architecture. Most Europeans prefer cities with a modern, urban architecture.

Like London, Berlin, Warsaw.

Mix of old and new buildings. I recently met two American couples in Munich who were disappointed that not all of Germany was some Aryan Disneyland. dder

OP is crazy. Prishtina is an awesome city. Spent time there the past two summers. The guy I was with gave them cash paper currency and they threw it back cause it was useless. Gamla Stan is cute sybut the center of the city is just as R39 said. And the main bus station is a nightmare. R45, Prishtina is a concrete heap. Even Wwith say so. I am adding Wiesbaden to the list.

Strictly for fans of drab. Any city with dre modernist i. These European cities you guys are talking about, at least the ones I've been to, are only ugly in contrast with their glamorous old selves, as imagined by Donations for a Aberdeen girl and often as extant in the "old quarter.

Bratislava has its unfortunate areas, but also has—outside of the old quarter—tree-lines boulevards with Belle Epoque architecture—probably too crumbling and poorly cared for for you perfectionists, but still beautiful. Newcastle, Hull, Marrued, Sheffield, Birmingham Manchester is flat Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber ugly, but can be fun.

You need to be "in" with locals to discover the real cities there. Any place looks good compared to most American cities.

I spent Christmas in Phoenix. It is the definition of ugly.

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R36, We were there for two nights. I don't hate Regensburg, but it is not a beautiful city. Yes, a great deal of the Medieval city sill exists. However, Regensburg was a very poor city after the war and most of the facades have very utilitarian fronts with the same stucco work found on modern buildings and the windows enlarged to fit modern stock windows.

Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Unlike some German cities, they did not even leave some bits Jonesville NC sexy women the facade without stucco to reveal portions if the Medieval architectural details. It is like a American city whose Victorian buildings are all covered by s storefronts. For Germans, I am sure it is a very functional city. I enjoyed the Stadttheater Regensburg.

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The Roman History is fascinating. But, beautiful, it ain't. I give Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber city credit for not being Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which truly is the Disney version.

Just an FYI, I spend a great deal of time in Germany and have been to many cities and towns off of the beaten track for Americans. DL is probably mostly visited by americans - so it's to be expected that most of the opinions shared here will be those of american natives.

R58, look beyond the church spires and the tile roofs. You can seen plainly the generic stucco facades.

I Am Ready Swinger Couples Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Flat planes of colored stucco with modern proportioned windows. Functional but dull, no Medieval details at all. The buildings could be from, or Most of Europe, and I include the UK, is an homage to dry rot and deterioration.

No matter what beautiful section of most Euro cities you're in you can bet that you're no more than a block or so away from a section that is more depressing than most anyplace you've ever been. It is much improved since The IRA managed to bomb the centre in though, nobody was killed and it utterly destroyed a good deal Men hook up with married men Rothenburg ob der Tauber the 60's 'redevelopment'.

And Regensburg is beautiful, it still has preserved its old charm. You are not able to value beauty. Extremely rude people, no pretty architecturethey did have a red light in one window. Must have been it's ser tourist draw. R66 I was Free women fucking in Rochester Minnesota times in Chur. It does have some not that nice looking buildings and an ugly looking modern church, but the old town is beautiful and Preston sex dating scenery around it is nice.

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